6 Strings 9 Lives

     Christopher Satterfield’s latest album, 6 Strings 9 Lives, is a Southern Rock album in the vein of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet, however, is not your typical Southern Rock format. On his latest album, Christopher retains a classic blues-rock “Power Trio” lineup of just Bass, Drums, and one Guitar. Songs include: 6 Strings 9 Lives,  singles; Oxycontin and Black Gold, Easy Rider,  and the ‘Free bird’ style guitar rave-up – “One More for the Road”, as well as many more.

The album 6 Strings 9 Lives is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora Radio. All songs in their entirety are available now for preview in our listening section on this site. Christopher Satterfield his band and support team would like to thank everyone for their continued support and keeping Blues and Southern Rock alive and well in 2017. Keep on Rockin’

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