Find interviews with Christopher in Bands of Dixie Magazine!

A recent article in Bands of Dixie Magazine, featuring an interview of Christopher Satterfield with Luc Brunot is now available for purchase through their site, with many other great interviews as well! If you would like to purchase your own copy of Issue #93 of Bands of Dixie Magazine, click here!


You can also listen to Christopher on Dixie Rock Radio!


  1. Lookin good. Here’s to 2013!

  2. Jennifer /

    Not to oversell it..but.. this is the best album of all time! It seriously changed my life! Thank you Chris Satterfield.. for changing my life! haha. But no, really, this an amazing album!! Don’t buy one… BUY 7!!! \m/

  3. jean from France /

    guys, I listen to southern music for a very long time, but yours is absolutely exceptional, it is pure rock like nothing I had not heard long ago your album is in the tradition of the first major groups ( skynyrd,johnny van zant….)
    what a shock, what fun and what a treat this achievement
    especially keep the sound and color to your printed album for the next, please do not go as many other groups flirting with the hard rock I await the release of the new album with impatience

  4. Vulcaniphormous /

    Great album,great album cover!

  5. Melissa Robertson /

    This is an incredible album! Great job Chris. Keep writing great music.

  6. Dallas and Hannah /

    We love your music Chris!!!!

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